"The Reason for God" Study Group


Sunday - 10 a.m. & Noon | Wednesday - 6:30 p.m.

 February 06, 2023

 6:30 PM

 Call 503-784-6440 for address

Using the book “The Reason for God” by Pastor Tim Keller, we will look at and perhaps struggle with concepts of faith, doubt, belief, individualism, truth and many others including suffering, injustice, hell and if can we trust a literal interpretation of the Bible. Keller started a church in Manhattan, a world of liberalism and skepticism, that grew to thousands. He explores liberalism and conservatism, not with political bent, but to demonstrate that Jesus has a place in both groups. The subtitle to the book is “Belief in an Age of Skepticism.” Learn more: https://baxterroad.churchcenter.com/groups/co-ed-study-groups/the-reason-for-god

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